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Columbus vs Sealy Football

Coming off a bye week, the Columbus Cardinals faced a team they have not beaten since 2007, the Sealy Tigers.  There was a lot of anticipation of this game coming into this week.  The first game of the season against Bay City was a little slow and more of a defensive struggle.  It was understandable the Cardinals were playing their first game with a new offense under Bonewald.  The fans were ready to see what the new look Cardinals  had to offer and they would not be disappointed.

The game started off with the Cardinals coming through the tunnel carrying the United States flag in remembrance of 9/11 and you could sense the energy from the players.  They were ready to roll.

First Quarter

Once again the game started off a little slow.  Sealy scored a touchdown to start the game off.  The Cardinals responded with a 25 yd field goal from Neisner.  That was the first points of the season for the Cardinals.  It was  pretty even contest throughout the first quarter with not a lot of action.  Teams were trying to get a feel for one another.

Second Quarter

The second quarter belonged to the the Sealy Tigers.  The Cardinals never really got any momentum going and when they did they had key turnovers.  To make things worse Shorter went down with a knee injury.  Shorter is a big part of the offense, defense and leadership of the Cardinals.  Sealy took advantage scoring a 46 yd field goal to go with a touchdown with only 38 seconds left in the half to put Sealy up 17-3.

Third Quarter

The Cardinals came out after half time with a little pep in their step and fire in their eyes.  I was told Levi Gustus was in the locker room giving the guys a pep talk after Shorters injury.  As a Senior and leader on the team Gustus’s message was heard loud and clear.  The second half was a complete turnaround.  Bubak started it off with a 6 yd touchdown run to make it 9-19.  Sealy answered with a touchdown.  Going into the fourth quarter it was Sealy 24 Columbus 9.

Fourth Quarter

Good teams dominate in the fourth and that’s just what the Cardinals did going on a scoring barrage.  Four seconds into the fourth, Pflughaupt started it off with a touchdown run.  The extra point was blocked, but the Cardinals stayed focused and ended up tackling Sealy in the end zone for a one point safety.  The Cardinals had a good defensive stand and followed that up with a 67 yd touchdown run by Perrino with Bubak punching in the two point conversion.  Sealy answered back with a 20 yd field goal to put them up 27-24.  That didn’t faze the Mighty Cardinals.  Columbus once again quickly answered with a 6 yd touchdown by Bubak.  Neisner kicked the extra point to put it at 31-27 Columbus with only 3:17 remaining.  The Cardinals D stood tall and stopped the Tigers on fourth down with about half a minute left.  Victory Formation Game Over.

This was Coach Bonewald’s first victory at Columbus and no better way than beating Sealy in Columbus.  Bonewald and his staff really have these kids in a great place mentally.  The players believe in Bonewald and his staff and it shows.  This Cardinal team has a lot of heart and I proudly look forward to seeing what the future holds for the Columbus Cardinals under the direction of Coach Bonewald.

Friday, September 16, 2016 the Cardinals will play the Hallettsville Brahmas in Halletsville.  Bonewald attended and played for Hallettsville through his Junior Year.  Coach already has a lot of spunk on the field and I can’t wait to see it in action on his old home turf.


Rushing Leaders

Perrino 14 rushes for 145 yards, Bubak 16 rushes for 111 yards, Hurd 5 rushes for 83 yards, Pflughaupt 15 rushes for 50 yards, Shorter 5 rushes for 9 yards, Baugh 2 rushes for 4 yards and Farrow 1 rush for 3 yards.

Passing Leaders

Pfluaghpt 4 for 9 with 40  yards 0 TD and 1 INT

Receiving Leaders

Hurd 3 catches for 31 yards and Farrow 1 catch for 9 yards.


Bubak 2 TD’s, Perrino 1 TD and Pfluaghpt 1 TD

Field Goals

Neisner 1 for 25 yards

Rushing Yards403149
Passing Yards40210
Total Yards443359



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