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Columbus vs. Giddings

The Cardinals are coming off a big win vs Smithville and play their last District game of the year against the Giddings Buffaloes.  A win against the Buffaloes and the Cardinals are in the playoffs.

The Cardinals came out pumped, focused and ready to go.  Unfortunately the Buffaloes scored quick and often and the Cardinals couldn’t get anything going on offense.  The Buffaloes went up 21-0 in the first quarter.  They were the first to score in the second quarter extending the lead to 28-0.  The Cardinals did answer with a 1 yard TD run by Bubak.  Giddings answered back with 2 more scores of their own.  Going into half time the Cardinals were down 42-10 after a 24 yd field goal by Neisner.

The Buffaloes once again came out strong in the second half extending their lead to end the 3rd quarter up 56-10.  The Cardinals did keep the Buffaloes from scoring in the 4th quarter.  Bonewald was able to get more players in the game towards the end.  Freshman Simcik  was able to score on a 5 yard TD run with 1:23 remaining in the game.  That will be a big confident booster going into next year.

This was the last game of the year for the Cardinals.  Overall they did well with a new offense and new coaching staff.  I think with time this group will do some good things.  The Cardinals have 19 Seniors on this team and they are:  #2 Dane Baugh, #3 Levi Gustus, #4 Ross Galvan, #6 Logan Bubak, #7 Nathan Martinez, #9 Brandon Reyes, #10 Dalton Estlinbaum, #11 Ryan Neisner, # 13 Ke Andre Hurd, #14 Tre Jackson, #15 Jordan Brown, #20 Jacob Estrada, # 22 Justin Reed, #24 Noah Neundorff, #50 William Sanchez, #52 Michael Williams, #54 Zion Simmons, #70 Jackson Brod and #78 Tyler Paxton.  Congratualtions on a hard fought year and good luck in the future.  I look forward to what the future holds for the Cardinals under Bonewald.

Passing Leaders

Pflughaupt 5 for 29 90 Yards 3 INT’s

Geisler 0 for 1 0 Yards 1 INT

Receiving Leaders

Estrada 1 Reception for 52 Yards

Bubak 1 Reception for 19 Yards

Mills 1 Reception for 18 Yards

Geisler 1 Reception for 3 Yards

Simcik 1 Reception for -2 Yards

Rushing Leaders

Simcik 15 Rushes for 121 Yards 1 TD

Pflughaupt 20 Rushes for 118 Yards

Bubak 14 Rushes for 64 Yards 1 TD

Estrada 1 Rush for 7 Yards

Evans 3 Rushes for 6 Yards

Field Goals

Neisner 1 for 1 24 Yards


Estrada 1 Interception



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